Super Bunsen Burner

Giving long narrow pointed flame.

Super Bunsen Burner

With Wire Mesh on top giving broad base name.

Super Bunsen Burner

With mesh on top and stop cock.

Super Bunsen Burner

Macker Burner for short but wide flame high Temperature.

Super Bunsen Burner

Macker with Surber stop cock.

Glass Blowing Torch
Burner (OE-GBT-1)

Glass Blowing Torch Burner with gas and oxygen inlets.

Glass Blowing Burner

Glass Blowing Burner with air,gas & oxygen inlets giving higher heat ideal for hard glass blowing.

1 A Glass Bowling
Burner (OE-GB-1 A)

Glass Blowing Burner as above but with air and gas inlets only.

Fisher Type Burner

Fisher type burners with stop cock giving long wide strong name.

Micro Burner small
flame (OE-MIB-1)

Micro Burner small flame low Temperature.

Teclu Burner

Disc type are regulation from Bottom giving long steady name.

Ampul Sealing Burner

Pencil type with air and gas inlets.

Multiple Nozzle

Giving TorY connection of Brass.

Silent Burner

Glass Blowing Burner with stand as above but with air and gas inlets only.