Condenser Clamp (OECCL-1)

3 Finger type jaws of brass casting hold upto 75mm dea with 300mm 12″ MS Rod.

Universal Clamp

4 finger having brass jaws f1tted with 300mm 12″ long M.S.Rod.

Condenser Clamp
(Two Key) (OE-CCL-3)

Fisher type 3 fmger of jaws of brass, operated by double key to hold objects up 150mm dia. rod f1tted with 300 mm long M.S.Rod.

Retort Clamp (Big
Jaws) (OE-RCL-4)

Brass Casting bigger jaws to hold 25!28 mm dia but with 225mm, 12″ long rod.

Retort Clamps (S.S.
Jaws) (OE-RCL-5)

Giant with 225mm {9″) long rod. S.S crock lind jaws operated by co-ami! nut to  grip 15/65 mm dia fitted with 225mm long M.S. Rod.

Retort Clamps (C.I
Casting) (OE-RCL-6)

Bigger jaws of C. I. casting upto 1 00/125mm dia rod f1tted with 300mm long  M.S. Rod.

Double Burette Clamps

Fisher type to hold two burettes at their suitable for mounting on only iron stand of 1/2′ dia rod jaws are rubber covered with fmc gripping and without obstruction the view of graduations.

Shaker Clamp

Brass casting jaws (Heavy Pattern) suitable to hold flask.